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Name:✖ Claim a Waifu ✖
Posting Access:All Members
► Check the claims list first.
#-M + N-Z
Three Waifu per person. Waifu's can only be claimed ONCE. I honestly don't fucking care if you claim them all in one post, or three separate posts.
► Essentially, you snooze you lose. the game :)
✖ Do not bitch or harass a person because they stole your claim. They're all fair game at first.
► You can claim girls OR guys, 'cause you know, why can't guys be waifus too?
✖ You all get to claim ONE user along with your three claims if you want. -shrugs-
► Affiliate here: ♫ Click ♫
Subject rule: "Mai Waifu(s)..." I don't care if you write anything after that. Just include that somewhere and I'll be happy 8)
► Stay with the community or I'll remove you from the list, trufax.
✖Tag your entry with "!add" and "series: [insert series here]/ band: [band here]"
► Check tags before you claim, 'cause seriously, if you claim an already claimed waifu, I won't approve it or tell you.
✖Add somewhere on your profile or journal "____ is [community profile] mai_waifu" it helps advertise ♥

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